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Although Eleotin was developed primarily for diabetics to facilitate blood sugar control, it is also useful for people battling obesity and weight issues. Eleotin is an herbal product that has been scientifically designed to rectify any imbalance in the metabolic system.

Recommended Eleotin products for Weight Loss:

  • Eleotin Mb (Metabolic Balancer) is best for those who want to overcome obesity or weight gain.
  • The Juvenile Obesity Formula is best suited for children with a risk of obesity.
  • Eleotin Platinum Tea regulates blood sugar levels and keeps hunger pangs at bay

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Eleotin works in different ways to aid weight control and weight loss:

Improves Insulin Sensitivity:

Most overweight people suffer from insulin resistance. The hormone insulin is responsible for transporting blood glucose into the cells and converting it into energy that may be utilized by the cells in the body. However, in people with insulin resistance, the natural amount of insulin produced by the body is unable to lower blood sugar levels effectively. Since the glucose in the blood is not metabolized efficiently, the person tends to put on more weight.

Eleotin revitalizes the metabolic process in the following ways:

  1. By improving the functioning of the insulin receptors in the cells in the liver and the muscles, it improves the speed and efficiency with which blood sugar is converted into glucose within the cells.
  2. Eleotin stimulates the binding of insulin with insulin receptors within the cells. Thus, more of blood sugar is transported to cells where it is converted into energy.

In this way, Eleotin Mb prevents excess sugar in the blood from being converted into body fat. With proper diet control, a revitalized metabolism can speed up the weight loss process.

Improves Insulin Production:

Eleotin restores the health of the pancreas thereby stimulating the production of insulin in the pancreas. Unlike Sulfonylurea drugs which do the same thing by over-stimulating the pancreas and leading to hypoglycemia, the action of Eleotin Mb is gentle. As a result of this, even when there is increased secretion of insulin from the pancreas, this is not accompanied by a sharp fall in blood glucose levels. Also, the body does not become resistant to the action of Eleotin Mb.
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Improves Digestion:

Eleotin makes the digestive process more efficient as it assists the decomposition of carbohydrates into glucose at a healthier rate. Therefore, even though Eleotin helps improve the digestive process, it also controls the rate at which carbohydrates are broken down thereby preventing sudden fluctuations in blood sugar levels. This keeps hunger levels down. Most overweight people experience sharp hunger pangs and food cravings due to fluctuations in blood glucose levels. When hunger level is kept low naturally, the chances of over eating or bingeing are lesser.

Eliminates toxins:

Eleotin DetoxEleotin is rich in substances that detoxify the body naturally. It contains herbs that are naturally rich in fibers. This encourages regular elimination of toxins from the body. Also, some of the ingredients have diuretic properties which help in detoxifying the body. Through efficient detoxification, people are able to overcome problems such as gas, bloating, weight gain and fluid retention.

To facilitate proper weight control, it is important to take in Eleotin Mb for the recommended period of time. However, it must be remembered that Eleotin is a gentle natural food supplement. Therefore, it will not produce dramatic results overnight. People who wish to lose 10-30lbs of weight can expect to achieve results within 3 months, while those who want to lose more weight may have to continue taking Eleotin for 6-12 months.

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This is a short review of Eleotin for diabetes, If you are looking for Eleotin Official Website, Click Here

Eleotin, an all-natural food supplement aimed at restoring the body’s ability to regulate glucose levels naturally, was developed by the renowned Julia McFarlane Diabetes Research Center at the University of Calgary. Further development and study of Eleotin was undertaken by a number of other universities, institutions and government organizations.

Recommended Eleotin products for Diabetes:

  • Eleotin Gold CapsuleEleotin Tea platinum
  • Eleotin Express G (to boost the effect of Eleotin)
  • Prevention Formula (for pre-diabetics)
  • Eleotin Platinum Tea Plus
  • Eleotin M (for prevention of diabetes)

What is Eleotin:

Eleotin is an herbal food supplement that contains dried roots, stems and fruits of plants that are commonly used as food in many countries around the world. Through the effective combination of a number of useful herbs, Eleotin brings about molecular level changes that facilitate blood glucose control naturally and in the long term. Hence, the significance of Eleotin for Diabetes.

Being an herbal product, Eleotin is a safe and effective health promoting product that may be used by disease-free and symptom-free people too. However, since Eleotin was designed primarily for Diabetics, people with diabetes will find additional health benefits.

Eleotin for Diabetes:

It is easy to understand how Eleotin helps Diabetes patients once we understand what Diabetes is and how Eleotin works within the body.

Diabetes is a chronic, degenerative metabolic disorder in which the body is unable to metabolize glucose in the blood effectively. This could be due to insulin resistance or insulin insufficiency (insulin is the hormone that metabolizes glucose in the blood). As a result, the level of blood sugar keeps increasing bringing with it a number of associated health complications.

Eleotin ProductsThe natural food supplement Eleotin works at the molecular level to restore chemical balance within the body.

Eleotin consists of herbs like Platycodi Radix, Schizandrae Fructus, Capsella Bursa and Glycyrrhizae Radix. These herbs are multifunctional and trigger changes in the body in different ways. Some of the most significant actions of Eleotin include:

  • Eleotin enhances the function of the insulin receptors in the body. When the activity level of insulin receptors go up, there is increased binding of insulin with insulin receptors. This increases the efficiency of glucose metabolism in the body.
  • Eleotin restores the health of the pancreas by regenerating the beta cells within the pancreas. This increases the amount of insulin secreted from the pancreas.
  • Eleotin impacts the digestive process by speeding up the rate at which carbohydrates are decomposed into glucose. This prevents sudden spike or fall in glucose levels after food. This keeps hunger pangs at bay.
  • Eleotin is rich in natural fiber which makes it a great detoxifying agent. Some of the herbs in Eleotin also have diuretic properties which contribute to effective waste removal.

Thus, Eleotin’s primary action is to improve the metabolism of glucose in the body and this is achieved through a Combination Effect. Since changes are wrought at the molecular level, the effects of Eleotin are long lasting. That is why many diabetic patients report symptom relief even long after they discontinue the use of Eleotin.

Eleotin is completely herbal and so devoid of harmful side effects and therefore safe for prolonged use, if required.

Eleotin also helps diabetic patients combat other associated problems like hunger, food cravings, weight problems and obesity. It is also effective for curbing hypertension.

Eleotin offers different products for addressing the above health problems.

Eleotin for diabetes: A gentle solution

It is easy to believe that Eleotin is a quick fix solution for Diabetes. This is not true. Eleotin, being herbal in nature, works gently. It takes time to bring about desired results within the body. Often, a period of 3 weeks to several months is required before results become obvious. The exact amount of time depends on various factors like the severity of the condition, longevity and so on.

Eleotin is effective not only for people who are diabetic. Even those who are in the pre-diabetic condition or those with a history of diabetes in the family could experience beneficial effects from the intake of Eleotin products.

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This is a short review of Eleotin for diabetes, If you are looking for Eleotin Official Website, Click Here

A natural cure for Type2 Diabetes and obesity, the supplement Eleotin was manufactured by the Eastwood Bio-medical Research Inc after much research at the Julia McFarland Diabetes Research Center, a leading research institute for Diabetes, and the University of Calgary. Eleotin is a powerful herbal formula that helps control blood glucose levels naturally by regenerating insulin producing cells in the pancreas and insulin receptors in the liver and the muscles. It also enhances the body’s ability to heal itself.

Eleotin and Diabetes

Eleotin - Devoloped by the leading researchers in diabetesDiabetics experience a number of conditions if their blood sugar levels are not under control. This could range from skin infections and hunger issues to neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy, kidney failure and heart diseases. Hence, it is vital for diabetics to have a strict control over their blood sugar levels.

Managing blood glucose levels is a challenging task for most diabetics. It can be achieved only through the delicate balance of food intake, exercise and right medication. Stringent control may be achieved through a combination of watchful monitoring and medication. However, long term use of synthetic medicines produce harmful side effects.

Eleotin is an all natural formula that may be used by diabetics as well as pre-diabetics to combat fluctuations in blood sugar levels as well as overcome obesity.

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Eleotin Ingredients

Eleotin is basically made of herbs, roots and fruits, many of which are eaten as food in many countries.

According to the manufacturers, some of the ingredients of Eleotin tea are:

  • Platycodi Radix which is a root
  • Schizandrae Fructus which is a fruit
  • Capsella Bursa which is a stem
  • Glycyrrhizae Radix, a root
  • Astragalus Membranaceus Bunge which is a root
  • Lycium Chinese, a fruit
  • Dioscorea Japonica Thunberg a root

Eleotin Natural IngredientsOf these, Platycodi Radix is found to improve insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion. It is also used to fortify the immune system as it fights lung infections and coughs. Eleotin brings about changes at the molecular level which improve insulin production in the body and insulin binding in the muscles. Over time, patients recover normal glucose metabolism. Thus, Eleotin eliminates dependency on synthetic medicines and glucose injections for blood glucose control.

Other ingredients in Eleotin have different actions. For instance, Eleotin consists of a detoxifying agent, a diuretic, a mild expectorant and an anti-inflammatory component.

How does Eleotin work inside the body?

  • Eleotin is rich in natural fibers which assist digestion and elimination. By regulating the rate at which carbohydrates are digested, Eleotin prevents sudden spikes in blood glucose levels.
  • Eleotin acts to restore the robustness of the pancreas which in turn assists in increasing the secretion of insulin from the pancreas.
  • Eleotin has a positive impact on the function of insulin receptors in the muscles and the liver, which reduces insulin resistance in the body.

The rate at which the product works in the body differs from person to person. While some patients begin to experience symptom relief within a few weeks, others may require up to a month or more to observe noticeable changes.

Changes observed by patients are not limited to improvements in blood sugar control alone. Many also experience improvement in energy levels, better skin, improved quality of sleep, improved appetite and better immunity, to name a few.

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Clinical Trials:

Eleotin is a patented product and studies on animals as well as humans have shown that it is safe for use. Eleotin is widely popular with diabetic patients and it is assumed that over 120,000 people using the product have experienced little to no side effects. The products are subjected to stringent quality control and tests are ongoing.

Eleotin is available in different quantities. Therefore, it is possible for patients to try out the product, if they so wish. Advanced diabetics have to take in the product for longer periods.

Eleotin sells products that are useful for diabetics and overweight people. Along with tea, Eleotin also sells other products like Eleotin Cleanse and Detox, Eleotin Juvenile Obesity Formula, Eleotin Pedo-Protection Socks, Eleotin MB Weightloss Formula and so on. These focus on weight loss and blood sugar control primarily.

Eleotin Pros & Cons:


  • The ingredients are all natural
  • Reduces symptoms of diabetes
  • Enhances immunity
  • Restores blood sugar control gradually
  • Effective for pre-diabetics also
  • Clinically tested
  • No lasting side effects reported


  • Price is a little high
  • Slow in producing results in some people

Eleotin is an effective, long term and all natural medicine for diabetics who are looking for an alternative treatment system for metabolic diseases like diabetes and obesity. Although advanced patients may be required to take the product for longer periods, Eleotin’s ability to facilitate long term blood sugar control and reduce the many side effects associated with diabetes makes it a much sought after medicine.

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